Shoebox Letters

Shoebox Letters has unplugged for “Keep It Simple.”  This 10 song cd has nary an electric guitar within earshot (except for an “accidental” electric guitar on one song). Instead, Shoebox Letters deploys an arsenal of acoustic guitars, mandolin and papoose with an occasional organ and harmonium thrown in for good measure.  The result is an intoxicating blend of Americana from the swamp roots groove of the title track to three heart breaking ballads:  “Drinking Still” “Band Aids and Blisters” and “Something Going On.” This is the Shoebox Letters you’ve been dying to hear.  

Expertly edited and mixed by Nashville’s Brian David Willis (we knew him when...), these songs shine.  You fill like you are actually in the room with the band. Featured vocalists include Loren Lee, Susan Lowery (who co-wrote, longtime Shoeboxer Stephanie Cox (back from Texas!) Greg Paul, as well as founding member, guitarist and songwriter Dennis Winslow.  Bass is once again impeccably handled by co-founder Dave Stricker.  Greg Paul recorded most of the album in Portland, Oregon and he contributes drum programming, guitars, mandolin and papoose to round out the sound.

“Keep It Simple” with Shoebox Letters this summer and watch out for the cd release in July 2017!