Shoebox Letters

Car Crash Life

The new release from Shoebox Letters.  Coming in 2023

Shoebox Letters' new release "Car Crash Life" will be available in February 2023. This eight song EP features another intoxicating cocktail of roots rock and Americana written by Dennis Winslow and a host of co-writers including fellow Shoeboxer Greg Paul (Running for Daylight), former Shoeboxer David Wall (Car Crash Life and Takeoff), longtime contributor Susan Lowery (Under the Same Roof) and drummer and recording wizard Brian David Willis (Drinking Till I Can't Walk Straight). BDW also contributes his own song Another Kiss. Original member Stephanie Cox sings more than ever before! Hear her vocals on Running for Daylight, one of the two advance tracks available in the Audio section. 

"Car Crash Life" will be available on itunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Please request songs from Flight Risk to your local Americana radio station - terrestrial or online.