Shoebox Letters

Car Crash Life

The new release from Shoebox Letters.  Coming in 2023

Shoebox Letters announce the release of Car Crash Life, an eight song mini-album featuring Americana and Roots Rock perfectly brewed for your playlists. 

Seven of the eight tracks were written or co-written by Shoebox Letters’ founder Dennis Winslow who also adds vocals and guitars. Stephanie Cox trades vocals with Winslow throughout the album, often switching verses to great effect. 

But don’t kid yourself, more than any previous Shoebox Letters release, this is a guitar album. Winslow, Greg Paul, and drummer Brian David Willis overdub guitar after guitar to build the smoldering tracks. Paul adds a stinging guitar solo to the sassy and suggestive “Drinking Till I Can’t Walk Straight” which features Cox on the lead vocal. 

Car Crash Life was recorded in Portland, OR by Paul and Nashville, TN by Willis. Willis mixed seven of the eight tracks and Paul mixed the title track. Focus tracks include: 

    #1 - Runnin’ For Daylight 
    #3 - Drinking Till I Can’t Walk Straight 
    #4 - Takeoff 
    #7 - Something I Don’t Know 

Please consider Shoebox Letters for your playlist. Shoebox Letters is an independent band. No record label. No music promoters. Shoebox Letters has been self releasing original music since 2009. Once based only in the Pacific Northwest, Shoebox Letters’ members can also now be found in Arizona and Texas.  

 "Car Crash Life" is available on itunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Please request songs from Flight Risk to your local Americana radio station - terrestrial or online.