Shoebox letters

Flight Risk

The new release from Shoebox Letters.  Coming in 2022

Amid the jangle of acoustic and electric guitars, the gentle cries of steel guitars, and the crooked snarl of slide guitars comes Flight Risk the latest six song EP from the Pacific Northwest’s Shoebox Letters. Flight Risk features six songs of depth and desperation anchored by choruses as catchy as any on the planet. Focus tracks include the foot stomping country rocker “I Drink Too Much,” the infectious “Red Handed in Love”, and the haunting ballad “A World Out There” with its hymn like slide guitar coda.  

Flight Risk presents five songs songs written or co-written by Shoebox's Dennis Winslow and one song written by Nashville's Brian David Willis. Flight Risk was recorded in Portland, Oregon by Greg Paul and Nashvhille, Tennessee by Brian David Willis. Flight risk features Winslow on vocals, guitars, and keyboards; Dave Stricker on bass; Stephanie Cox on vocals; Greg Paul on steel guitar, bass, and vocals; and Brian David Willis on drums, guitars, and keyboards.  

Flight Risk is available on itunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Please request songs from Flight Risk to your local Americana radio station - terrestrial or online.