Latest Shoebox Letters news 

Stand Clear and Disappear, our new six song EP, was released to Airplay Direct on September 3, 2021 and officially released to radio on September 10, 2021.  The reception so far has been positive. Country Bear Radio added "Stand Clear and Disappear," the title track, to its playlist, and three other songs to their album track playlist.  Ocean Beach Radio, an AMA reporting station has indicated it is adding songs next Tuesday. KHNS in Alaska, another AMA station, gave a spin to the title track too. The EP is…

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Shoebox Letters - Stand Clear and Disappear 

Shoebox Letters' Flight Risk project is still facing production delays. In the meantime, I decided to write and record a six song mini-album this summer titled Stand Clear and Disappear. Five of the songs were recorded with Bob Stark in Portland, Oregon and the sixth song, "Holiday For One," was recorded by Greg Paul in Portland and Brian David Willis in Nashville.

After recording our last several albums with Greg Paul and Brian David Willis, we decided to change up the production and enlist Bob Stark to…

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Shoebox Letters - The Forgotten Ones 

The Forgotten Ones is a four song collection of songs that Shoebox Letters started recording in 2016.  As the years rolled by, these songs did not quite fit any Shoebox Letters CDs. Now, Shoebox Letters has released these songs together.

Looking For You, written by Dennis Winslow, Greg Paul, and Susan Lowery, started as a music library project.  In fact, the music track was pitched for possible television placements.  The track was so good, that it was decided that lyrics were needed and it became a full…

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Shoebox Letters' Treasure Map 


Treasure Map is a six song EP we wrote and recorded during the Covid-19 crisis.  It was strange to record these songs one-person-at-a-time in the studio in Portland.  We each wore masks and socially distanced.  Susan Lowery contributed her vocals from the safety of her home. Other than Susan’s vocals, Greg Paul recorded the rest of the basic tracks in Portland. 

Unlike our last EP, I’m Into Now, in which every song started with a finger picked acoustic guitar (my…

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"The Road Not Taken" is finished 

Our new cd “The Road Not Taken” is finished and out the door to Americana and roots radio stations around the country.  This cd was quick work.   We wrote it and recorded it over the summer of 2015.  I sang lead on 9 of the 10 tracks and my cohort Daria Chick sang lead on the remaining track.  Daria’s vocals throughout the cd, however, prop up mine.  She really gives the songs a sly country flavor.  Kudos to Daria

Many thanks also to her hubby, Ronn Chick.  Ronn produced and recorded these songs and played…

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Winslow/Chick place song in Lifetime movie 

Shoeboxers Dennis Winslow and Ronn Chick placed the song "Get Real" in the Lifetime movie "Cleveland Abduction."  The movie aired in May and is now available as a DVD.

Winslow/Stricker place song in Lifetime series 

Shoebox Letters’ Dennis Winslow and David Stricker (along with former Shoebox drummer Ryan Yerdon) placed a song in the Lifetime televison series “Ghost Inside My Child.”