Shoebox Letters - The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones is a four song collection of songs that Shoebox Letters started recording in 2016.  As the years rolled by, these songs did not quite fit any Shoebox Letters CDs. Now, Shoebox Letters has released these songs together.

Looking For You, written by Dennis Winslow, Greg Paul, and Susan Lowery, started as a music library project.  In fact, the music track was pitched for possible television placements.  The track was so good, that it was decided that lyrics were needed and it became a full song.  Greg played bass and added drum programming.  Dennis chipped in with vocals, guitars, and keyboards.

The Getaway, written by Dennis, is an ode to Buck Owen's Bakersfield sound.  It is anchored by a Gretsch Anniversary riff played by Dennis  Greg added his B-Bender guitar and drum programming to give it that country honk.  Dave Stricker provided the country bass and Susan Lowery added 60s style harmonies.

Mean to Forget, written by Dennis, is an intimate haunting folk ballad sung as a duet by Dennis and Stephanie Cox.  Dennis plays his Gibson Dove acoustic guitar and Dave anchors the song with his bass.  No other overdubs were necessary.

Make Me Feel Better, written by Greg and Dennis, is a toe-tapping here comes summer rocker with a sly guitar riff played by Greg and call and response backing vocals by Greg and Stephanie. More Greg drum programming on this track.

All four songs were recorded in Portland, Oregon by Greg Paul.  Check out The Forgotten Ones.