Shoebox Letters' Treasure Map


Treasure Map is a six song EP we wrote and recorded during the Covid-19 crisis.  It was strange to record these songs one-person-at-a-time in the studio in Portland.  We each wore masks and socially distanced.  Susan Lowery contributed her vocals from the safety of her home. Other than Susan’s vocals, Greg Paul recorded the rest of the basic tracks in Portland. 

Unlike our last EP, I’m Into Now, in which every song started with a finger picked acoustic guitar (my trusty Gibson Dove), several of these songs started with my Gretsch Anniversary or my Gretsch Elliott Easton Duo Jet.  We made a conscious effort to stay away from the folk-acoustic theme although I wound up over-dubbing the Dove on several songs. The goal was to record a more rocking and maybe uplifting EP and not to engage in quiet navel-gazing which would have been easy to do considering the pandemic. 

There was no obvious theme when we started Treasure Map, but the strain of loneliness and isolation crept in to the lyrics.  There is no question that all of our daily lives had changed.  Many of us were working from home which in it of itself felt unusual.  But we did not want to record a depressing, gaze into the darkness, kind of cd.  We wanted to rock a little bit. 

As with I’m Into Now and our other recent releases, Nashville’s Brian David Willis drummed and added more guitars and keyboards in his studio.  Brian also edited and mixed the songs. 
Without Brian and Greg, this EP could not have been made.  Brian also worked as a quasi-producer, guiding me throughout the writing process as the songs slowly came together. Susan Lowery co-wrote the title track with me. 

As in all Shoebox Letters cds, the songs are anchored by Dave Stricker’s bass.  Dave’s bass line on the title track is especially groovy.  

We invite you to Embark on an adventure with Shoebox Letters and find your Treasure Map.