Shoebox Letters - Stand Clear and Disappear

Shoebox Letters' Flight Risk project is still facing production delays. In the meantime, I decided to write and record a six song mini-album this summer titled Stand Clear and Disappear. Five of the songs were recorded with Bob Stark in Portland, Oregon and the sixth song, "Holiday For One," was recorded by Greg Paul in Portland and Brian David Willis in Nashville.

After recording our last several albums with Greg Paul and Brian David Willis, we decided to change up the production and enlist Bob Stark to record.  Bob had recorded Shoebox Letters' second album Damaged Goods in 2010, Crossing Words in 2013, and a handful of songs on Love Sick Town in 2016. 

We invited Portland guitarist/vocalist Greg Georgeson to play on the album. Georgeson had played with us on a few live shows in the past and, over the years, he and I had written and recorded several songs. Stephanie Cox, who lives in Texas, was not available to sing on this album so we decided that Greg and I would handle the backing vocals.

1. Stand Clear and Disappear (Winslow). The title track features musical guest Georgeson on baritone guitar and electric guitar and also lending a hand with backing vocals.  This folk-rock leaning song tells the story of someone always on the run, looking over his shoulder at what left behind.  Bob Stark adds guitar, keyboards, bass and drum programming and I contribute acoustic guitar, a short guitar solo, and vocals. 

2. Cold Canvas (Winlsow-Lowery) This roots rocker features the “ancient art of weaving electric guitars” courtesy of Georgeson and I and we also team up on the backing vocals.  Dave Stricker anchors the proceedings on bass and Bob Stark adds keyboards and drum programming.  This track definitely sports a Stones-Black Crowes flavor. 

3. Shoulda Been Baby (Walsh-Chick-Winslow).  This R&B flavored song was originally written to be used in FirstCom Music’s extensive music library.  This remake features a soulful guitar solo courtesy of Georgeson, backing vocals from Georgeson and I, Stricker on bass, and Bob Stark pitching in with additional guitar, keyboards, and drum programming. 

4. Someone Else, Not Me (Winslow). This lush folk/rock track features my vocals and my Gibson Dove acoustic guitar, surrounded by Georgeson on electric guitars, Bob Stark on guitar, keyboards, and drum programming, and Stricker on acoustic bass. I added a little electric guitar figure on the outro too.

5. No Drinking Song (Winslow) I wrote this song in May 2021 and then rewrote the music a month before we recorded this album. Georgeson contributes slide guitar, Stricker on bass, Bob Stark adds keyboards and drum programming and I contributed vocals, and acoustic and electric guitars.

6. Holiday For One (Winslow-Lowery)  This is another co-wrote with Susan Lowery.  Stephanie Cox shines on the vocal.  Greg Paul adds bass.  Brian David Willis adds guitar, keyboards, and drums.  I contributed acoustic and electric guitars. This is not your normal holiday lyric!

Stand Clear and Disappear will be available for purchase and download in September 2021.