Shoebox Letters - Flight Risk

Shoebox Letters' Flight Risk finally sees the light of day and has been distributed to radio for airplay. Flight Risk can be downloaded from itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. and streamed on Spotify. 

Believe it or not, we started writing and recording Flight Risk in late 2020 and the recording spanned all of 2021 and early 2022. We faced numerous delays and obstacles to finishing this project.. As many of you know, Shoebox Letters is a recording band. Our last official live show was for Portland's KINK radio at Portland's Pioneer Square several years ago. Our band members reside in Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington so recording is rarely accomplished in the same room at the same time. Because of COVID, non-COVID related health issues, and the daily grind of work, we faced delay after delay when it came to completing the recording. Finally in 2022, we are able to put everything together and finalize the recordings with mixing and mastering.

Brian David Willis not only edits and mixes most of our recordings in Nashville, but he also adds drums, guitars, and keyboards. Brian acts as a sounding board as it relates to the writing of our last several cds. For Flight Risk, Brian contributed the song "I Drink Too Much" and co-wrote "Bed of Roses." Brian finished the final mixes a few weeks ago. Kevin Nettleingham of Nettleingham Audio in Vancouver, WA mastered the recording.

We are pleased to announce that "I Drink Too Much" has been added to the playlists of WQBR, Country Bear Radio, Ocean Beach Radio, and Americana Boogie. We are grateful for the support of these radio stations.

On Flight Risk, Shoebox Letters features:

Dennis Winslow - vocals and guitars

Dave Stricker - bass

Stephanie Cox - vocals

Greg Paul - steel guitar, bass, and vocals

and the aforementioned Mr. Wills.

Susan Lowery guest stars with a harmony vocal on "A World Out There."

Many have told us that Flight Risk offers our best songs yet. We are proud of the results and we look forward to airplay from Americana radio.